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Rhoades Student latest poem to be published

Alexandra Orczyk (Rhoades School Class of 2017) recently received a congratulatory letter from the Editor of Stone Soup Magazine (www.stonesoup.com) on the acceptance of her poem, My Rope Swing, for publication in their March 2015 issue.

Stone Soup Magazine, known as the “The New Yorker of the 8-to-13 set,” is the premier publisher of creative writing by elementary and middle school students.

My Rope Swing

Threads of twine twisted together
Working to keep me up
As I swing into the air
My hair trailing behind me.

Crashing my legs into the bushes
I get scratched all over
But I don’t care
Holding onto the rope with all my might.

Wind slashes against my cheeks
Bark and twigs fall in my eyes
The branch sways back and forth, threatening to break
As I spin around in a wild circle.

Leaning back and looking up
The tree’s limbs wrap around the sky
Shining through the foliage
The sun smiles and so do I.

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