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8 Simple Steps to Strengthen Family Connections Every Day

Thanks to The Rhoades School Foundation, renowned author, Dr. Catherine Steiner Adair spoke to Rhoades School parents, faculty and middle school students about the ways in which technology is putting our children at risk at every stage of development, while challenging what it means to be a family.   Dr. Steiner Adair is a clinical instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an Associate Psychologist at McLean Hospital, and has a private practice.   She shared the importance of developing social-emotional skills in children from birth through grade 8.  It is during these early years that children are developing their personalities and the values that will guide them through adulthood.
At The Rhoades School, we are proud of our strong social-emotional curriculum that includes teaching students to self-regulate, say what they think in a respectful way, understand tone of voice, and develop positive habits of mind such as flexibility and persistence.   In her talk, Dr. Steiner- Adair specifically noted the skills above as essential for leading not only a successful but a happy life.
To learn about what you can do at home to develop your child’s social- emotional well being and strengthen their ability to form positive relationships, please read Dr. Steiner-Adair’s 8 Simple Steps to Strengthen Family Connections Every Day.
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