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Rhoades School teacher attends Gilder Lehrman seminar at Princeton University.

Dr. Julie Watts participated in a Gilder Lehrman seminar at Princeton University from July 23-28. Morning seminars were on Colonial America from 1607 to 1763, led by Professor John Fea. The afternoons were professional development seminars on Teaching Literacy Through History (TLTH) using primary source documents. Dr. Watts developed a TLTH lesson on the Trial of Anne Hutchinson. In addition to seminars, teachers took a tour of Colonial Philadelphia with Dr. George Boudreau, who wrote the book on historic Philadelphia. Dr. Watts also toured historic Princeton and visited the rare book library at Princeton. Dr. Watts looks forward to implementing content and strategies she learned at the Gilder Lehrman seminar in her middle school history classes this year.

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