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Thirteen Rhoades Middle School Students Named Finalists for Read-Imagine-Create

Thirteen Rhoades 7th Graders from Mrs. Schramm’s Literature/Language Arts classes were selected as finalists for the NEA BIG READ: Read-Imagine-Create 2017-2018. Produced by Write Out Loud San Diego, in association with National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, and San Diego Public Library, entrants had to READ selections from the book Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link, REIMAGINE the images and themes, and CREATE a project in a medium important to them.

The three READ-IMAGINE-CREATE categories are:
1. Literary Art: Stories, poetry, monologues, dialogues, biography, plays, etc.
2. Visual Art: Illustrations, graphic novels, fashion/costume designs, set designs, sculpture, mixed media, photography, skateboard design etc.
3. Performance/Media Art: Recitation, dance, film, music composition, opera, animation, etc.

We are excited to share that the following Rhoades students were selected as finalists in their respective categories.

Literary Work
Isabel Bruce – short story “Innocence of a Princess”
Kian Chakamian – short story “Agave My Life”
Cyrus Correll – short story “The Written Record of Rash’s Fascination”
Pascale Fung -short story “123”
Lakshmi Menon –  poems “The Crown on My Head” and “Alone”
Eric Yang – poem “Not Magic But Love”

Visual Art
Victoria Ehsan – diorama “Freedom Flight”
Grace Hagan – multimedia sculpture “The Swoop of the Swans”
Vihaan Mallela – imaginative digital painting “The Everything Quilt”
Joy Ruppert – painting “Daybreak in Perfil”

Performance Art
Röeszelé Nieves-Ellis – ballet “The Mother’s Shadow”
Gianna Pusateri – ballet “The Mother’s Shadow”

Scarlett Schmitt – one-woman film “Stepmother Hates Noise.”

Finalists were recognized at the Read-Imagine-Create: Annual Presentation of Student Creations on April 9, 2018. The following students placed in the competition:

For Literary Art:
3rd Place: Isabel Bruce
2nd Place: Kian Chakamian

For Visual Art:
3rd Place: Victoria Ehsan

For Performing Art
2nd Place: Röeszelé Nieves-Ellis and Gianna Pusateri

For Media Arts
1st Place: Scarlett Schmitt

Scarlett  was also featured on KUSI for her first place finish and was the only Middle School student to take home first place. You can watch her here.

Congratulations Rhoades students!

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