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Rhoades Students Excel in Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School Students (MOEMS) is a five-part contest held each year from November through March. More than 100,000 students in Grades 8 and below participate nationwide. The goal of the program is to “excite, enrich, and energize” students in their mathematical and problem solving pursuits.

This year, 120 Rhoades students in Grades 4-8 participated in this challenging contest. Of these, 72 earned recognition.

Rhoades is pleased to share that four students earned gold pins for their top 2% finish.

Colin Kovarik, Grade 8
Levi Katriel, Grade 6
Bhadra Rupesh, Grade 6
Koe Goodsell, Grade 5

Levi was also recognized with a bronze medallion for earning a perfect score.

Additionally, 22 students receiving recognition of a silver pin for performing in the top 10% of all participants, and our school teams received plaques for scoring in the top 10% of all teams in both the elementary and middle school divisions.

Congratulations to our mathematicians!

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