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Rhoades School Students Win Honors at State Science Fair

Twenty-eight of our Rhoades School seventh and eighth graders were selected to compete at the prestigious California Science and Engineering Fair held in Los Angeles on April 30, 2019. The Rhoades School had more state science fair qualified students than any other school in San Diego County. This year’s participants were eighth graders Kian Chakamian, Kylie Copeland, Christopher Do, Vivi Ehsan, Sydney Hecht, Alexandra Houk, Lakshmi Menon, Roeszele Nieves-Ellis, Mason Prevost, Caroline Schmidt, Priyanka Soe, Scarlett Streitman, Caroline Worman and Jack Zdanowski.  Seventh grade competitors were Aviya Afra, Anusha Chatha, Arjun Chatha, Cameron Do, Leila Elasaad, Adam Esch , Levi Katriel, Grace Millikin, Krishna Nagarajan, Neelan Patel, Leia Ryan, David Samy, Mehar Thaper and Jamie Weston. Their sophisticated science fair projects encompassed an impressive variety of ideas from comparing numbers of lichen species as an indicator of air quality to harnessing wave power to produce electrical energy.

Nine students won honors at the California state science fair. Eighth grader Priyanka Soe earned the Second Place Medal in the category of Product Science, Biological for her project which compared the efficacy of backcountry water treatment methods. Eighth graders Vivi Ehsan and Roeszele Nieves-Ellis received the Third Place Medal in the category of Cognitive Science for documenting responses to music in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The seventh grade team of Mehar Thaper and Jamie Weston earned the Fourth Place Medal in the category of Cognitive Science. Their project explored the effects of transient emotions on memory. Krishna Nagarajan and Levi Katriel received Honorable Mention Awards in the category of Product Science, Biological for their project which measured and compared lipid profiles in various types of eggs. The team of Leila Elasaad and Leia Ryan earned Honorable Mention Awards in the category of Cognitive Science for their project exploring the effects of notetaking on long and short term memory.

Congratulations to all 28 of our State Science Fair participants! Their tremendous efforts and achievements are inspiring!

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