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  • Dr. McDuffie shares expertise on getting students ready for Back to School!

Dr. McDuffie shares expertise on getting students ready for Back to School!

On Saturday, July 27, Dr. McDuffie was interviewed by KUSI Morning News and discussed tips for parents to get students emotionally ready for school and the 4Rs for school readiness.

The 4Rs of School Readiness

  • Reading: If it is possible, read with or to your child for 20 minutes per day. If you can’t do 20 minutes, 10 minutes will work. Just read as often as possible.
  • Routine: Children often fall out of routine over the summer. Before the first day of school, get them back into a routine. The best time for routines is in the evening when your children are getting ready for bed, brushing their teeth, reading can be part of the routine. And of course, making sure that your children get to bed early and get at least ten hours of sleep.
  • Recreation: Play games with your children that have educational elements to them or do fun at-home science experiments.
  • Research: If your children have access to the Internet, encourage them to do research on a favorite animal or planet or any area that is of interest to them and then share it with you. If your recreation time includes a road trip, have them use the Internet to figure out how much gas will cost for your trip or have them plan the route to the final destination, with sights to see along the way.

See below to watch the KUSI segment or read more details about the 4Rs for School Readiness at Times of San Diego.

KUSI Morning News interview

Times of San Diego news article

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