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Dr. Watts honored to participate for 3rd year in Gilder Lehrman Institute on American History

In June, Julie Watts participated in a Gilder Lehrman seminar on the American Civil War at the University of Virginia led by historian Gary Gallagher. In addition to in-depth lectures and discussions on the causes and consequences of the Civil War, Professor Gallagher led a field trip to explore battle sites at the Siege of Petersburg.

Dr. Watts also took advantage of her time in Virginia to visit the presidential homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This was the third Gilder Lehrman seminar for Dr. Watts. Last year, she went to Columbia University to learn from Professor Manisha Sinha about the Abolitionist Movement and the year before to Princeton University to study the Colonial Era with Professor John Fea. Dr. Watts is grateful to the Rhoades School for the opportunity to attend these professional development seminars and learn from experts in the field and other teachers around the country.

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