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Students Excel in the AMC8 Math Competition

Fifty one Middle School students participated in the American Mathematics Contest for mathematically proficient students in Grades 8 and below in November 2019.

Last week, we recognized the students who earned the top school’s among Rhoades students. Top winners in our inter-campus competition earned Gold (Levi Katriel), Silver (Tejas Ravi and Bhadra Rupesh), and Bronze (Koa Goodsell and Kai Goodsell) recognition awards.

Additionally, six students placed in the top 5% nationally and were recognized for their outstanding performance. Receiving Honor Rolls certificates are the following students:

Levi Katriel
Bhadra Rupesh,
Tejas Ravi
Kai Goodsell
Koa Goodsell
Anusha Chatha

Congratulations to our students for their achievements!


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