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Mrs. Schramm’s students participate in The Getty Challenge










Last year, Mrs. Schramm was seeking a way to combat Zoom fatigue with her sixth grade social studies students while, at the same time, capping off the classes’ unit on Ancient Egypt. Enter the Getty Museum Challenge, which is (and only is) this:

Re-create your favorite artwork using just three objects lying around home.

To see some examples of the Getty Challenge,  please visit the Mrs. Schramm’s SMORE page, the Getty site or watch this segment from the PBS Newshour.

The sixth graders were guided by Mrs. Schramm to take this challenge and apply it to Ancient Egyptian art. The results were joyful, creative, and hilarious.

Subsequently, Mrs. Schramm was invited by the Getty to present her experiences implementing the Challenge in a classroom setting this winter. On December 16, she, along with three Getty Education Specialists, delivered the webinar The Getty Art Challenge & the K12 Classroom to close to 100 attendees. The creativity of last year’s sixth graders and the cheerful participation of their families was well-represented during this webinar.

Well done, Mrs. Schramm and students!

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