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Higher Orbits Art Contest Winner

Congratulations to Emma Lamoureux for her creative artwork which inspires the soul and captures the imagination!

Scientists are developing a new form of travel to the edge of space. The project is known as “Neptune One”, and it is an ingenious idea developed by Space Perspectives. The project aims to send ordinary citizens to the “edge of space”, approximately 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface in our stratosphere. The participants will be passengers on a larger than 100-yard-wide balloon. The balloon will ascend for two hours, tour at the “edge of space” for two hours, then descend for two hours and be met by a boat at the end of the journey. In affiliation with Higher Orbits, an organization that promotes inspiring students as future astronauts and aerospace scientists, a national art contest took place. Students in three different age categories were challenged to create an image that would embody the spirit of the Neptune One project.

Our own Emma Lamoureux was chosen as a national winner in the 12 to 16 year old age group. Emma was one of nine students in the nation whose work was selected to be carried on the first prototype of the Neptune One balloon when it launches later this year.

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