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Middle School

The Rhoades School offers a unique and challenging middle school program that spans from 6th-8th grade. Our middle school learning outcomes were developed to ensure each student is working to their greatest potential.  Our dedicated teachers enrich the curriculum by seeking opportunities to incorporate technology tools in all aspects of classroom teaching and learning. As we foster leadership in our middle school students, we will challenge them to work together to learn about issues and problems that face our world and propose potential solutions to these problems. Our goal is to create authentic learning opportunities designed to foster students’ abilities to become well-rounded individuals in school, at home and in their community.

Mentoring Program

As part of our social emotional learning curriculum, students participate in a mentoring program to help them make meaningful connections with fellow classmates and mentor teachers. The program promotes a positive school climate and school spirit, assists students with academic decisions, stimulates opportunities for student learning and promotes social and emotional well-being.

Sixth Grade

  • Team-building
  • Developing a growth-mindset
  • Study and organizational skills
    for middle school
  • Service learning projects

Seventh Grade

  • Trust-building
  • The Brain:  how it works and it’s relationship to memory, attention and new learning
  • Emotional well-being
  • Service learning projects

Eighth Grade

  • Preparing for high-school
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Courage to take a stand
  • Service learning projects


The curriculum for middle school electives is designed around the theme of innovation. Students participate in engaging learning activities such as recording their own original music for a commercial (Music Composition & Technology), identifying global problems, and working toward viable solutions (Debating World Issues), develop technical skills that incorporate functions of elements of art and principles of design (Portfolio Studio Arts) and producing their own short film (Film). Student can pick from a variety of electives.


Students choose from a variety of clubs such as Math Club, Fashion Club, Stock Market Club, Girl Rising, Bridge Club, Italian Club, Chess, and Strength & Conditioning.

World Language & Accelerated Online Courses

The Rhoades School has a partnership with Laurel Springs School, a K-12 online private school with a Gifted & Talented Academy. Rhoades School students may take courses at Laurel Springs at a discounted price. Students have successfully taken courses in Mandarin, French and Latin. In addition to world languages, students may take courses in other disciplines such as Mathematics, English, Science and History. Students who take high school courses at Laurel Springs will be given a Laurel Springs transcript for their coursework. Laurel Springs is an accredited UC approved school.