• Financial Aid Overview

    There is no investment with a greater return than a child's education. Every Rhoades family makes an investment in their child’s tuition, and while we firmly adhere to the principle that the primary responsibility for funding a student’s education lies with the family, we understand financial aid will be necessary to enable some students to attend Rhoades.

    The Rhoades School is committed to enrolling a student body diverse in interests, talents, race, ethnicity and economic background. The goal of our financial aid program is to help bridge the gap between what a family can reasonably be expected to contribute and the costs associated with attending The Rhoades School. Financial aid decisions are made independent of admission decisions.

    Rhoades endeavors to treat all families fairly, equitably and consistently in its consideration of requests for, and distribution of, financial aid. In order to determine a family’s eligibility to receive financial aid, The Rhoades School subscribes to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid program by National Association of Independent Schools (SSS by NAIS), which calculates a family’s need and the expected family contribution (EFC) using a methodology that takes into consideration many items, including: income, assets, liabilities, age of parents, family size and the number of students in tuition-charging schools.

    Families are encouraged to contact Danene Schott, Business Manager, or Jenni Beadle, Director of Admission, at any time with additional questions.