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  • The Rhoades School is unique among the educational options that exist in San Diego County. As a Kindergarten – Grade 8 school designed for and dedicated to serving bright, high achieving students, we focus on teaching children How to Think, not what to think. Recognizing that teacher expectations, communicated either implicitly or explicitly, directly influence student performance, Rhoades School faculty set the achievement bar very high and engage students in a rigorous curriculum that requires them to think persistently, flexibly, and creatively, while striving for accuracy and precision.

    Ours is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community; students, families and faculty alike appreciate being part of this supportive and nurturing environment where all members are known, valued and experience a sense of belonging. Remarkably diverse in their achievements, The Rhoades School’s alumni/alumnae find themselves well positioned for continued, impressive success, not only in the secondary school setting of their choosing, but also in the college environment. Members of our recent graduating classes began their university studies at Stanford, Cal Tech, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA and Berkeley, to name but a few. The Rhoades School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Come, visit Rhoades and see for yourself if we are the right educational environment for your bright, curious child. We look forward to welcoming you soon.