• Drama Programs


    Kindergarten Through Third Grade

    Drama is an integral part of The Rhoades School curriculum, as it stimulates creativity in problem solving and challenges students through role-playing to understand different perspectives about both social and world issues.   Drama also allows our students to gain self-confidence in their ability to communicate and collaborate with others. The goal of our Drama Program is to provide age appropriate activities and learning experiences for our students and to deepen their creative thinking process. Our program begins with students in grades kindergarten through third grade performing a grade level musical with guidance from their classroom teachers.    Performances are connected to social studies and science concepts studied throughout the year.
    2016 - "What Cat is That?"
    2015 - "These are a Few of My Favorite Trees"
    2014 - "Where are We Going?"
    First Grade
    2016 - "Olympic Dreams"
    2015 - "Fabulous February"
    2014 - "Are We There Yet?"
    Second Grade
    2016 - "Character Matters"
    2015 - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
    2014 - "Where in the World is San Diego?"
    Third Grade
    2016 - "Song of America"
    2015 - "The Granny Awards"
    2014 - "Gold Dust or Bust"

    Performing Arts Grades 4 & 5

    Students in grades 4 and 5 are ready to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the primary grades to more advanced theater work. Fourth graders, in partnership with the San Diego Junior Theatre  engage in acting workshops and experience creative expression as they explore imagination, movement, communication and play making. Students study character, scene development, story structure and theme with a professional teaching artist.   The fifth graders engage in a play writing residency with the Playwrights Project.  The residency experience teaches our students to create characters and write scripted scenes for a play that will be performed by professional actors. These programs provide our older elementary students with a challenging and innovative drama experience.

    Performing Arts Middle School

    In Middle School, seventh grade students read Shakespeare and work with a visiting Shakespearean actor on the art of Shakespearean theater, culminating in the performance of one act from the play Julius Caesar. Middle School students also have the option of participating in either Film or Improvisation as an elective. In Film, students study and learn to appreciate the artistry behind making a movie, including an exploration into cinematography, sound, music, screenwriting and film editing. In Improvisation, students are challenged to think on their feet and work as a team to create and perform skits. 


    We are very proud of The Rhoades School Drama Program and the talent that our students demonstrate both in the classroom and on the stage. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming performances; please check The Rhoades School calendar found on our school website for specific date, time and information for these events.

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