• Music


    Kindergarten Through Second Grade

    Students in kindergarten through second grade explore the elements of music using the Orff Approach, a developmental approach which combines music, movement, drama and speech.  Students study famous composers, sound, beat, melodies, rhythm, and musical instrument families with one of our musicians in residence, Ms. Kristine Romero, who has forty years of experience teaching classical guitar. Please see Mrs. Romero's bio here.

    Third Through Fifth Grades

    Students in grades three through five create music using modern technology in our Music and Recording Studio.  Students continue their studies of famous composers, music theory and musical genres. Please see Mr. Florentine's bio here.

    Middle School 

    In The Rhoades School Music and Recording Studio students enrolled in the Music & Composition Elective use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to write, compose and record their own music.  Students use Yamaha keyboards and computers or iPads to edit their music.  The sound and recording booth in our studio enables students to compose and record music using various instruments and/or vocals.  These technologies not only serve students in music classes but also benefit students in other disciplines as they create podcasts, radio plays, films and documentaries to demonstrate their understanding of a vast array of topics. Please see Mr. Florentine's bio here.


    Music Academy 

    The goal of The Rhoades School Music Academy is to provide the highest quality, authentic music education to children.  After school weekly lessons are taught by professional musicians and music educators who support the School’s philosophy of inspiring musical excellence, knowledge, and creativity in children.  For more information, please click here to visit the Music Academy page