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    Kid’s Nutrition is our Mission


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    Ki’s School Lunches has a new look! The website has been redesigned and new features have been added. Please be sure to read the How it Works and FAQ pages before you place your first order.

    With Ki's School Lunches you can order a healthy, natural and tasty lunch for your child at www.kisschoollunches.com. Ki’s prepares and delivers the meals for your child’s school each full school day. It’s just that easy!

    Ki’s School Lunches offers a choice of at least eight hot lunches, five cold lunches and three salads every day. Each lunch will consist of an entrée, organic or local fruits and vegetables served "Veggie Bar" style, organic milk, a side healthy snack, and Ki’s cookies/desserts made with organic flour. If your child is a bigger eater you will have the option to order additional foods each day (for an additional cost), things like: Ki’s Strawberry Smoothie, Ki’s Chicken Noodle Soup, "extra entrée", Ki’s Turkey Chili (Gluten Free), etc.

    Ki’s uses only natural ingredients in the preparation of all our lunch products: Jidori and Foster Farms chicken, Newman’s Own organic snacks, Horizon organic milk, Garden Time organic pasta, Better Life Organics for fresh produce. All of our non-organic products have been scrutinized to insure they are free of preservatives, hormones, antibiotics and fillers, and we buy locally whenever practical. Our Chicken Tenders and Nuggets are made with whole grain breading and baked (Ki’s does not fry or use nuts for any lunch product).

    We are adding monthly "specials" this year. See the new Specials page on the website for more information.

    Additional info on the program is available on our website and you are welcome to call or email Janet Holcomb at the email address or phone number above if you have ANY questions.