• “A student-centered environment alive with
    intellectual vitality and thoughtful dialogue”

    Welcome to The Rhoades School, a private elementary and middle school designed specifically to meet the needs of academically advanced children who are curious, creative and actively engaged in the learning process. We offer an educational experience of the highest quality, in a student-centered environment, alive with intellectual vitality and thoughtful dialogue. Our instructional practices emphasize the development of students’ critical, analytical, and logical thinking skills; at Rhoades, students are challenged to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and engage fully in their intellectual growth and personal development.

    The Rhoades’ admission process is designed to enable parents and children to become well acquainted with our school. In addition to joining us for a tour, we encourage you to attend an open house, an information session, and all special events open to the public.

    We hope that this website helps you discover our school, so you can learn more about our core values, approach, curriculum, and faculty and staff. And as you learn about this remarkable place, we hope you will discover the multitude of ways in which we will inspire, engage, challenge, and support children, preparing them for success in secondary school and beyond.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

    Jenni Beadle
    Director of Admission

    The Rhoades School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability in admission to its programs, services, or activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals or in any aspect of its operations.