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Rhoades School Students Participate in State Science Fair

 State Science Fair
Twelve of our Rhoades School seventh and eighth grade students were selected to compete at the prestigious California State Science Fair held in Los Angeles on April 25, 2017. The Rhoades School had more state qualified students than any other school in San Diego County. This year’s participants were eighth grade students Sean Cook, Chris Kulick, Alexandra Orczyk, Corey Telfer and Caroline Zdanowski.  Seventh grade competitors were Aidan Byrnes, Jake Danowsky, Colin Kovarik, Jude Lifset, Umair Mahmood, Maggie Watts and Scott Weston. Their sophisticated science projects encompassed an impressive variety of scientific ideas such as documenting the flammability of native and nonnative plants or measuring EMF emissions generated by common household appliances.

Seventh grade student, Aidan Byrnes, received the Fourth Place Medal for the state of California in the category of Applied Mechanics and Structures for his project, Avian Dangers: Developing Devices for the Prevention of Bird Strike. Aidan explored his own innovative methods for preventing or minimizing damage caused by bird strike. Eighth grade student, Corey Telfer, earned the Fourth Place Medal for the state of California in the category of Environmental Science. Corey’s project was titled: Investigating Water Quality at Cardiff Beach. Corey analyzed water samples at Cardiff Beach for levels of nutrients and bacteria. He discovered unacceptably high phosphate and nitrate levels in the water samples near the lagoon effluent which could contribute significantly to harmful algal blooms. Alexandra Orczyk and Caroline Zdanowski received Honorable Mention Awards in the category of Zoology. Alexandra evaluated 20 years of data and her own field test results to look for correlations of water temperature or human intrusion to plummeting sea star populations at Cabrillo Monument. Caroline spent numerous hours in the field documenting specific plant species vital to the habitat of the endangered California Gnatcatcher.

Congratulations to all twelve State Science Fair participants! The talents and achievements of these exceptional students are truly inspiring!