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Our Mission


The Rhoades School supports the development of academically advanced, productive, creative, and socially adept students in grades K-8.


Students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum, a supportive peer group, and suitable guidance in an encouraging and thoughtful manner. We seek to establish in each student the singular love of learning.

Core Values:

Academic Achievement: We cultivate in our students the Habits of Mind that foster intellectual curiosity, analytical and creative thinking, and the pursuit of learning as a lifelong endeavor.

Developing Character: We teach individuals to live with integrity, responsibility, confidence, compassion and respect for themselves and others.

Intrinsic Motivation: We strive to promote motivation that comes from the pleasure one gets from the task or act itself rather than from outside rewards such as grades or prizes.

Student Learner Outcomes:

Rhoades School students are students who:

  1. Achieve excellence in academics and exhibit creativity of thought and expression.
  2. Develop intellectual curiosity and a desire for continuous learning.
  3. Develop personal and ethical responsibility.
  4. Effectively communicate and collaborate.