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Service Learning

An Attitude of Gratitude

At The Rhoades School we foster an attitude of gratitude in our school community by engaging in service learning.  Service learning experiences occur when the service is tied to curriculum and instruction.

Our students engage in ongoing reflection before, during and after the service learning project.  Our students are challenged to consider various viewpoints and value diverse backgrounds.  One benefit of participating in service learning for students is that it gives them an opportunity to have a voice in what projects address community needs and/or have personal relevance and meaning to either individuals or groups in our local and global community.

In the Lower School, students work with their classroom teachers on a variety of projects such the Empty Bowls Project, an international campaign to end hunger. In 2018-19, students learned about vermicomposting from the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation and started a composting garden project. In the Middle School, through the advisory program, students participate in and reflect on service projects at Camp Pendleton, and Casa de Amistad, serving low-income English language learners.

Middle school students may also enroll in the Girl Rising club, a global movement for education equality. We also provide students, parents and faculty with school-wide service learning opportunities such as Feeding America.

Middle School 2019-2020 Service Learning Project – Water for South Sudan

Middle School 2022-2023 Service Learning Projects