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Performing Arts

Theater Arts

Lower School
Our kindergarten through 3rd grade students engage in age-appropriate drama activities and experiences that encourage communication, collaboration, self-confidence, problem solving and creative thinking. With guidance from their teachers, they perform in productions that are connected to social studies and science concepts studied throughout the year.

Students in 4th and 5th grade apply the knowledge and skills learned in the primary grades to more advanced theater work. Our 4th graders explore imagination, movement, communication and play making during workshops with the San Diego Junior Theatre. They study character, scene development, story structure and theme with a professional teaching artist. Our 5th graders engage in a play writing residency with the Playwrights Project. They create characters and write scripted scenes for a play that will be performed by professional actors.

Middle School
Our middle school students read Shakespeare and work with a visiting Shakespearean actor on the art of Shakespearean theater, culminating in the performance of one act from the play Julius Caesar. In our Film elective, Students learn to appreciate the artistry behind making a movie, including an exploration into cinematography, sound, music, screenwriting and film editing. In our theater elective, students are challenged to think on their feet and work as a team to create and perform skits.


Lower School
Our kindergarten through 2nd grade students explore the elements of music using the Orff Approach, a developmental approach which combines music, movement, drama and speech. They study famous composers, sound, beat, melodies, rhythm and musical instruments. Students in 3rd through 5th grade continue studying famous composers, music theory and genres, and create music using modern technology in our recording studio.

Middle School 
In our Music and Composition elective, students use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to write, compose and record their own music, and use Yamaha keyboards and computers or iPads to edit their music. The sound and recording booth in our studio enables students to compose and record music using various instruments and/or vocals. These technologies not only serve students in music classes but also benefit students in other disciplines as they create podcasts, radio plays, films and documentaries.

Music Academy After-School Program
The goal of our Music Academy is to provide the highest quality, authentic music education to children. Weekly lessons are taught by professional musicians and music educators who support our philosophy of inspiring musical excellence, knowledge and creativity in children.