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Visual Arts

Our visual arts program is focused on teaching the production of art and appreciation of art in our history and culture. Students participate in various types of art creation, including painting, photography, illustration, architecture and mixed media. They are encouraged to use their artistic knowledge and skills to express understanding of academic concepts across all subject areas.

Lower School

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade learn to think like an artist by taking weekly classes in art history, art appreciation and formal art techniques. Below are examples of specific skills learned at each grade level.

  • Kindergarten: Practice and strengthen perceptual and sensory skills, expand upon previous awareness of art by exploring new media, tools, processes and techniques
  • 1st Grade: Begin to develop personal art style, collaborate with classmates to strengthen social skills, learn to appreciate the work of others, reflect on the importance of art in the local and global community
  • 2nd Grade: Draw from observation, discuss the differences between drawing from observation and drawing from memory, describe own art process verbally, discuss how design choices can affect artwork
  • 3rd Grade: Explore 2D and 3D art, learn about pattern, order, composition and space
  • 4th Grade: Learn about the concept of abstraction, understand that expressive qualities are not restricted to any particular style, value own emerging personal art style, explore art history
  • 5th Grade: Analyze and critique historic and contemporary designs, learn the importance of color relationships

Middle School

Interested middle school students have the opportunity to build a cohesive art collection in our Portfolio Studio Arts elective. This course requires students to develop a deep understanding of design principles and techniques, as they demonstrate mastery through any 2D medium or process, such as design, photography, collage, illustration, painting or drawing.