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Tips for Building Emotional Intelligence in Your Children

Emotional intelligence and developing a strong EQ is being widely discussed in schools across the country as students spend more and more time on social media and communicate in new and different ways.  What can parents do to help their children develop a strong EQ?  See below for some tips…
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Rhoades School teacher attends Gilder Lehrman seminar at Princeton University.

Dr. Julie Watts participated in a Gilder Lehrman seminar at Princeton University from July 23-28. Morning seminars were on Colonial America from 1607 to 1763, led by Professor John Fea. The afternoons were professional development seminars on Teaching Literacy Through History (TLTH) using primary source documents. Dr. Watts developed a…
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Five Rhoades students were recently nominated as Broadcom MASTERS.

Five Rhoades students were recently nominated as Broadcom MASTERS. Recent 8th grade graduates Christopher Kulick and Alexandra Orczyk, and rising 8th graders Aidan Byrnes, Jake Danowsky, and Colin Kovarik all qualified for this honor by competing at the prestigious California State Science Fair in April 2017. Only 10% of science fair projects nationwide are selected…
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8th Grade Students Create Original Song Inspired by Frederick Douglass

8th Grade students, Alexandra, Carly, Caroline, Emily, Kiley & Sadie, created an original song based on the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.  In Humanities, students have been reading about Frederick Douglass’ life and learning about the history and culture of slaves in America, including studying and analyzing slave songs.  Students…
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Using the Engineering Design Process to Solve Real World Problems

Third graders were tasked with the real world challenge of designing a better iPad charging station, one that would eliminate the problem of tangled charging cords. Using the Engineering Design Process, the students defined the problem and practiced a human-centered design approach. They tested different configurations to gain insight into…
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Rhoades School Bridge Club members agree with Bill Gates’ statement.

“Bridge is one of the last games in which the computer is not better” – Bill Gates

Congratulations to Master Chef Junior contestant, Rhoades School student, Grace Howard.

Congratulations to Master Chef Junior contestant, Rhoades school student, Grace Howard. Rhoades School student Grace Howard was recently selected from thousands of children across the country as one of the top 40 contestants to participate in Season 5 of Master Chef Junior. This show premiers February 9 on FOX; Grace…
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Students who move to Middle School for grade 6 or 7 lose ground in reading and math compared to their peers in K-8 schools

Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School refers to several research studies that advise parents and policy makers to exercise caution before choosing a Middle/High School program over K-8 Read article here. 

How do you get into Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice!  There are some who believe that innate intelligence is the explanation for student success; these individuals quantify scholastic achievements or failures in terms of abundance of talent or lack of ability.   However, as the above whitticism suggests, innate talent must be combined with focused effort in…
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Middle School students at Rhoades spent two days at the San Diego Regional Junior United Nations Conference held at USD.

Written by sixth grade student, Alexandra Orczyk: Our Debating World Issues elective went to the San Diego Junior Model United Nations last week. It was very interesting learning about the problems in the world and how the UN works to solve these problems. We all had a country, for instance…
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