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Students who move to Middle School for grade 6 or 7 lose ground in reading and math compared to their peers in K-8 schools

Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School refers to several research studies that advise parents and policy makers to exercise caution before choosing a Middle/High School program over K-8 Read article here. 

How do you get into Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice!  There are some who believe that innate intelligence is the explanation for student success; these individuals quantify scholastic achievements or failures in terms of abundance of talent or lack of ability.   However, as the above whitticism suggests, innate talent must be combined with focused effort in…
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Middle School students at Rhoades spent two days at the San Diego Regional Junior United Nations Conference held at USD.

Written by sixth grade student, Alexandra Orczyk: Our Debating World Issues elective went to the San Diego Junior Model United Nations last week. It was very interesting learning about the problems in the world and how the UN works to solve these problems. We all had a country, for instance…
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Documentary “Most Likely To Succeed” leads to dialogue around college admission

Last week, close to 100 Rhoades School parents joined together in the Kittle Auditorium to attend the screening of the documentary film Most Likely to Succeed.  After the film, we discussed the benfits of project based learning and many participants questioned the need for changes in the college admission process.   Just…
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The Future Depends on Gifted Students

Education expert, Frederick Hess, makes a case for a school like Rhoades.  America’s future depends on gifted students whose needs are not being meet in our current educational system. Gifted students need like peers who are intellectually curious and an academic program that challenges them to reach their full potential….
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The Rhoades School to Host Public Screening of Most Likely to Succeed.

The Rhoades School will be hosting a public screening of the film Most Likely to Succeed on Thursday, January 14th, from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Kittle Auditorium. Admission is FREE but space is limited.  RSVP online at: http://rhoades-most-likely-to-succeed.eventbrite.com THE FILM For most of the last century, entry-level jobs were plentiful, and college was an affordable path…
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Six Characteristics of Creativity practiced at Rhoades

The six characteristics of creativity according to Stanford University Professor Tina Seeling include; Knowledge, Imagination, Attitude, Habitat, Resources and Culture.  In this video clip  watch Dr. Seeling explain her model which she calls the “Innovation Engine.” At the Rhoades School, we proudly create an environment  and culture that promotes and teaches…
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Growth Mindset: A Belief about the Nature of Intelligence

A growth mindset is a belief that we can develop our intellignce and abilities.  As adults, we try to get better at what we do thoughout our lives.  When we work on our own growth mindset we learn valuable lessons that we can share with our children.  Click to read more.

Stanford University Dean offers parents advice on How to Raise an Adult

In her new book How to Raise an Adult, former Dean of Freshman at Stanford University, Julie Lythcott- Haims tells readers “Our job as parents is to put ourselves out of a job.”   At The Rhoades School, we often say that it is important to let kids fail and fail…
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Four Rhoades School Graduates Working at Google

In a 2014 op-ed piece entitled “How to Get a Job at Google”  readers learned from Thomas Friedman that Google looks for five hiring attibutes in its employees.  Four Rhoades School graduates are currently working at Google and have shared with us that The Rhoades School helped them to develop…
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