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Mrs. Erica Osborn - 5th Grade

Dear Students and Parents,

Please allow me to introduce myself as your new fifth-grade teacher.  I sincerely and eagerly look forward to getting to know you this year, and I hope you are as eager as I am to start the 2020-2021 school year.

Here’s a little bit about me. This will be my 12th year as an educator and my fourth year teaching fifth grade! I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but moved to California as a young adult to pursue my many hobbies and attended California State University San Marcos. (Go Cougars!) During my earlier college years, I focused on early childhood, teaching preschool for six years, and then onto elementary education. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a depth of study in Anthropology, and now hold a California clear credential. I began my teaching career in the Carlsbad Unified School District. Fortunately, I found The Rhoades School. I am delighted to be here and a part of this fabulous campus with its fine tradition and warm spirit. My husband, Russ and I live in Carlsbad and enjoy running in local races, skiing, and attending concerts in our spare time. Also, we are excited to have our daughter continue at The Rhoades School as a second grader. This summer we grew our very first garden and Elyssa started horse back riding lessons. We enjoyed many road trips to National Parks for hikes with our beloved boxer, Rosie. I look forward to hearing about you child’s experiences over the summer too!

Looking ahead, fifth grade will be one of the best years at Rhoades for your child. They will work on gaining independence, have opportunities to discuss mature topics, and will learn to successfully contribute in project-based assignments to name a few skills. From the first day of school, we will work together to build an efficient and cohesive team where everyone is supportive of one another including students, parents, and teachers.

To prepare for our eventual transition into middle school, the primary goal of 5th grade is to provide a supportive learning environment filled with academic rigor and purpose while cultivating independence and responsibility. Mr. Molenkamp and I have planned a rich year-long curriculum that includes challenging and engaging projects and lessons.

As we begin our journey this year, I look forward to learning more about each of you. (Our first assignment will be built for just that purpose!) I anticipate a fantastic year of learning and truly look forward to seeing you all on Monday, August 31st.

With a warm welcome to all new and returning parents and students, Yours truly,

Mrs. Osborn

Email: EOsborn@rhoadesschool.com

Voicemail: 760-436-1102, ext. 253

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Classroom Notes

Welcome 5th grade students and parents! What an extraordinary year it will be.

Mr. Molenkamp and I are so excited to meet our young students either in person or virtually on Wednesday Sept. 2 or 3. As we begin our adventure together this year, we will learn so much about one another. To initiate our introduction, we’ve created the following assignment as described below: Due on the first day of class!

Students, if you were a piece of fruit, what would you be?

How does the fruit represent, you? your personality? your appearance? your preferences? etc…  When choosing your fruit, you may want to consider some of the following:

-Color (inside and outside)

-Texture (inside and outside)



-Sound (when you bite into it)

There is no need to write anything! Simply make a thoughtful selection and bring your piece to our first class session, whether on Zoom or in person. Each hybrid group will have a day to share. With that said, we’re excited to meet our little bananas and apricots!


Erica Osborn and Syd Molenkamp

Ex: My fruit would be a peach! (Not just because I am from Georgia.)

It matches the color of my skin. It is soft on the outside, but has a hard core on the inside. The smell is sweet like my character. The flavor is strong like my morals and values. When you bite into it, it’s refreshing juice hydrates you like a teacher pours knowledge into their students.


Let’s have a great year!

Mrs. Osborn