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Maggie DiGrazia - Lower School Fine Arts Specialist

Looking forward to a great year in art with all of our students!

Your child’s learning experiences in the Fine Arts Studio is to inspire an appreciation for art, gain an understanding of different styles and materials, develop a strong awareness of cultural diversity and build confidence in expressing your son’s and daughter’s ideas, feelings and experiences. With all of us working together these goals will be easily achieved!

Visual art is a core component of your child’s education and growth. The Fine Arts program at The Rhoades School is reflective of the National Standards for Visual Arts and the global art community. In addition to teaching students about fine art mediums and techniques, I will also make connections to the global art community as well as an art appreciation of history.

In grades K-2, there is a focus on teaching students the foundations of elements of art exploring drawing, painting, clay sculpture, printmaking and collage. Young artists will develop vocabulary to describe the steps taken to create artwork in group discussions. All units include connections to well known works of art, cultural diversity and students’ personal experiences.

In grades 3-5, we focus on teaching students to apply art processes to create intended meaning, understand the different effects of art materials, build vocabulary in the visual arts, analyze and interpret well known works of art, art analysis and evaluation, and making connections to our global community.

Student artwork will be sent home on occasion while the majority of their work will remain in school to reflect upon as well as selected for art displays throughout the school year. Students will take home all their remaining artwork at the end of the school year.

The process of creative learning and encouraging students to develop their skills in fine arts is essential through each grade level. I honor each child’s unique style of learning and innovation to ensure an environment in the fine art studio where these young artists feel confident to take risks while learning to express themselves through visual art. Youngsters learn at different paces, and my aim is to implement and develop an appropriate level of instruction for each child while upholding high art standards for all of our students.

To view student artwork, news about the fine arts program and information on upcoming student art exhibits, check in often!

Best Wishes For A Great Year,

Ms. DiGrazia

Email: MDigrazia@rhoadesschool.com

Voicemail: 760-436-1102, ext. 206

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