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Mr. Paul Ruppert - 4th Grade


I hope everyone had a adventurous and/or relaxing summer.  I am excited to see you all back on campus!  This will be my 26th year teaching at Rhoades and it remains the most vital and rewarding place to be!  This year, I am looking forward to working on mind and body by teaching Math, Science, and Physical Education to the Fourth and Fifth Grades!  In addition, I coach our Boys and Girls Basketball Teams and  supervise numerous recess duties.  Chances are, if you step onto campus, our paths will cross!

Level Four Math is a well organized, accessible, yet very deep and challenging curriculum designed to bolster our foundational knowledge while pushing into more challenging concepts as well.  The textbook does an excellent job of balancing review of previous learning, introduction of new topics, and a large dose of real world problem solving into every lesson.

Our time in the Science Lab will focus on continuing to build their scientific foundation using Stemscopes.  Stemscopes provides activities that blend hands on projects and digital simulations and will be familiar to many of you as it has been successfully used in our lower grades.  Fourth grade areas of study will include the senses of sight and sound, waves and wavelengths, and plant and animal biology.  Earth science, ecosystems, and the properties and cycles of matter will be among the topics for fifth graders.

My PE classes will continue to be focused on fun activities designed for mixed levels of skill and competitiveness.  Field favorites such as Capture and soccer and court games like Philadelphia Donut ball, as well as any game where you get something into a goal, will be in abundance.  I love seeing a different side of the students when we are outside and running around and engaged in physical “battle!”

I look forward to a tremendously rewarding year both in and out of the classroom!

Paul Ruppert

Email: PRuppert@rhoadesschool.com

Voicemail: 760-436-1102, ext. 408

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