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Roxanne Hunker - Middle School Science Specialist


Welcome to science at The Rhoades Middle School! Our year in science will be an experiment unlike any other, and I will strive to make the time enjoyable for all students. I am excited to have you in my class!

Sixth graders will be immersed in physics and astronomy. Through observations, investigations and intellectual conversations, we will explore ideas relating to laws that govern the physical world, and we will ponder the enigmas of the universe.

Seventh graders will focus on biology, the study of life, and the vast diversity of creatures that inhabit Earth. We will compare and contrast organismal differences as we evaluate impacts of environmental change and define our roles as a part of the ecological community.

Eighth graders will be engaged in a year of chemistry. Presentation of scientific principles, participation in classroom discussions and laboratory investigations will supply the problem-solving tools we will apply to master equations.

I look forward to a wonderful year!

Roxanne Hunker

Science Teacher

Grades 6-8

Email: rhunker@rhoadesschool.com

Voicemail: 760-944-6335, ext. 511

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Middle School Supply List


Lined paper


Ruler (with metric measures)