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Lunch Program

It is our goal to provide lunch options that are both delicious and healthy. Parents can order lunches through Ki’s School Lunches. Ki’s School Lunches offers a choice of at least eight hot lunches, five cold lunches and three salads every day. Each lunch will consist of an entrée, organic or local fruits and vegetables served “Veggie Bar” style, organic milk, a side healthy snack, and Ki’s cookies/desserts made with organic flour. If your child is a bigger eater you will have the option to order additional foods each day (for an additional cost), things like: Ki’s Strawberry Smoothie, Ki’s Chicken Noodle Soup, “extra entrée”, Ki’s Turkey Chili (Gluten Free), etc.

Order online: www.kisschoollunches.com
When Registering use code: 1956

Phone: 760-828-5236
Email: info@kisschoollunches.com