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Rhoades School Charity Bake Sale

Gratitude is one of the trickiest concepts to teach but one of the most important. By learning gratitude, children become sensitive to the feelings of others, developing empathy and other life skills along the way.

Throughout this academic year, we will continue providing opportunities for our children to develop a sense of gratitude – adopt an Attitude for Gratitude. One way of teaching gratitude is to have children  participate in a goodwill project and to this end we are organizing a charity bake sale with a slight twist.

Tuesday, December 16, The Rhoades School held bake sale during morning recess and children were be able to purchase a small cake or cookie (supplied by the Kindergarten parents) using $1 they earned at home by doing a simple chore or task – something they would not normally do. Food insecurity is a significant problem in San Diego County, where one child in four is considered to be at risk of going hungry. (To learn more about Feeding America San Diego, please visit their website- http://feedingamericasd.org).

In January we will present a check to Feeding America San Diego during Flag Salute.

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