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Rhoades Students Recognized for Achievements in AMC 8 Math Competition

This past fall, fifty of the more advanced middle school students at Rhoades participated in the AMC8.  This is a written contest sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, and it is the first contest in a series that leads to the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Several younger Rhoades students were recognized by the MAA for their impressive scores in this contest:  Kai, Bhadra, Levi, and Arjun.  Additionally, Kai, Jake, Marissa, and Bhadra were recognized for scoring in the top 5% of all participants.  One Rhoades student, Kayla, was recognized for scoring in the top 1% of all participants.

We are also proud to recognize top scoring students within the Rhoades community.  Among our older students, awards went to Kayla, Jake, Marissa, Jude, Elliot, and Isabella.  Younger students receiving recognition included Kai, Levi, and Bhadra.

It is worth noting that Rhoades’ participation of fifty students comprised .05% of the 100,000 participants nationwide in this contest.  However, our average score exceeded the national average by 27%, indicating that all of our advanced math students are impressive problem solvers.

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