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Rhoades MS Students Participate in the San Diego Regional Junior United Nations Conference

Members of Mr. Ruppert’s Design and Innovation Elective, Future Solutions-Debating World Issues, recently spent two days at the San Diego Regional Junior United Nations Conference. The conference offers the chance for students from around the county to meet, tackle real world problems, and debate over possible solutions. The students participated in committees focused on topics ranging from social issues, weapons and disarmament, infrastructure and development, and environmental issues. This is Rhoades’ fifth year of involvement with JMUN.

Each student represents a country and within each committee, participants discuss various proposals, debate their merits, give speeches, build coalitions with other delegates, and craft amendments to strengthen and improve the proposals. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that the conference is organized and entirely run by high school students!

The Rhoades School was represented by the following students:

Grade 6
Kelly Bordine, Arjun Chatha, Kai Goodsell, Isabel Lehmann, Kaitlyn Podlich, Bhadra Rupesh, David Samy, and Mehar Thaper

Grade 7
Morgan Link, Lakshmi Menon, Alex Severinghaus, Scarlett Streitman, and Jack Zdanowski

Grade 8
Collin Schneider

To learn more, read Mr. Ruppert’s detailed account of our students’ participation and view photos of our students in action.

This phenomenal event encourages many skills that are at the core of the Rhoades School mission, including collaboration, deep thinking, public speaking, pragmatism, and world knowledge. Our delegation were active and involved, and represented our school very well.


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