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Founder of The Rhoades School Passes Away

We are sad to share that the founder of our school, Dr. Charlotte Rhoades Glinski, passed away this summer. Dr. Glinski’s experience and wisdom as an educator and a national figure in gifted education led her to envision a school specifically designed to meet the needs of gifted children. In the spring of 1980, she brought her talents and passions together to begin our unique school. Generations of children, parents, and educators have benefited from Dr. Glinski’s vision.

The brave act of founding our school embodies the traits Dr. Glinski practiced and nurtured in others. Perseverance, curiosity, healthy risk-taking, remaining open to continuous learning, creativity, and communicating with clarity all played important roles as she shepherded our school from a half dozen students to a full campus of 300.

Dr. Glinski’s vision is just as relevant in 2018 as it was in 1980. Her voice echoes through the generations and we will always be grateful for the impact she has had on our lives.

There will be a memorial for Dr. Glinski on October 13 in the sanctuary of the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church at 1:00 PM; a reception will follow. All Rhoades School community members are invited to attend the memorial service to share memories and honor Dr. Glinski’s contributions to our world.

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