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Students Excel in the American Math Contest

Eighty students in grades 5-8 participated in the American Mathematics Contest for mathematically proficient students in Grades 8 and below in November 2018.

In January, we recognized the students who earned the top school’s among Rhoades students. We also celebrated the fact that The Rhoades School’s average score was 20% higher than the national average for the competition.

Additionally, seven students placed in the top 5% nationally and were recognized for their outstanding performance. Receiving Honor Rolls certificates are the following students:

Willa Norvell
Levi Katriel
Arjun Chatha
David Samy
Kai Goodsell
Alex Severinghaus

Lastly, one of our students placed in the top 1% of all participants and was recognized on the Honor Roll of Distinction:

Bhadra Rupesh

Congratulations to our students for their amazing achievements!

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