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Feeding San Diego Volunteer Event and School Garden

On January 26th, over 40 Rhoades School students, parents and staff members volunteered at Feeding San Diego. Participants sorted an estimated 10,000 pounds of produce to be distributed to hundreds of food insecure families throughout the San Diego County.  Feeding San Diego is committed to a culture of responsibility and dignity and to leading our local community in the fight against hunger by efficiently providing access to food and nutritious meals.

In conjunction with our Service Learning initiative, five Rhoades School Boy Scout members helped build garden planters. This required them to work with chicken wire, construct an irrigation system and fill the planters with soil. The project took 2 hours to complete.

The planters are now a community garden project. The Rhoades School 4th Grade Girl Scout Troop planted seeds in the garden: carrots, peas and radishes. Kindergarten students added composting worms to the garden planters. The kindergarteners had been taking care of the worms since the Fall.

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