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Girls Volleyball Team raises money for Colombian player’s prosthetic leg

Service Learning is emphasized at The Rhoades School and we are so proud of the girls volleyball team!  Guided by their coach, Jon Aharoni, co-founder of ICN (It’s Called Normal) Athletics, the team raised funds to pay for Andres Camilo Chacon Guerra’s custom-built socket on his prosthetic leg, shipped to him in Colombia.
A published story on www.VolleyballMag.com authored by The Rhoades School student Genevieve Freiwald (link below) said “It’s not very often that a group of girls on their middle-school volleyball team get to change someone else’s life. My teammates and I were lucky enough to have that opportunity.”
We hope you take a few minutes to read about the girl’s journey and the impact they made.
Coach Jon’s website https://icnathletics.com/


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